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Matt Edge Paint White, Fenice, 0,25 kg
Matt Edge Paint White, Fenice, 0,25 kg

Matt Edge Paint White, Fenice, 0,25 kg

Durable, excellent coverage, matte White Edge Paint.

Durable and High-Quality Paint, Ideal for Leather Goods Edging.

  • Important to note that this paint is not suitable for full coverage of leather surfaces.
  • However, it is perfect for aesthetically covering and finishing edges and seams.
  • The leather paint can be diluted with water, allowing for easy handling, long-lasting results, and achieving the desired coverage.
  • This leather paint is manufactured by Fenice, an Italian company known for producing quality leather goods and paints.
  • The product is available in a 0.25 kg packaging, providing sufficient quantity for various bag projects and stitching works.

Try our edge paints and create high-quality, professional leather goods with ease.

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Premium quality Italian edge paint. It can be used for painting and processing the cut edges of leather goods, such as bags, belts, shoes.
• Provides excellent coverage and a smooth, uniform surface.
• The special formula of natural and synthetic polymers provides a durable and flexible surface.
• Water-based for easy cleaning and dilution.
• Non-flammable - non-toxic
• Can be applied by hand or machine
• It dries to the touch in minutes - fully sets in 48 hours.
• It is available in convenient 1 kg and economical 0.25 kg packages.
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280 g/pcs
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