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Matt Edge Paint Beige, Fenice, 0,25 kg
Matt Edge Paint Beige, Fenice, 0,25 kg

Matt Edge Paint Beige, Fenice, 0,25 kg

Beige Matte Edge Paint - Durable and High-Quality Paint, Ideal for Leather Goods Edging.

  • Important to note that this paint is not suitable for full coverage of leather surfaces.
  • However, it is perfect for aesthetically covering and finishing edges and seams.
  • The leather paint can be diluted with water, allowing for easy handling, long-lasting results, and achieving the desired coverage.
  • This leather paint is manufactured by Fenice, an Italian company known for producing quality leather goods and paints.
  • The product is available in a 0.25 kg packaging, providing sufficient quantity for various bag projects and stitching works.

Try our edge paints and create high-quality, professional leather goods with ease.

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Premium quality Italian edge paint. It can be used for painting and processing the cut edges of leather goods, such as bags, belts, shoes.
• Provides excellent coverage and a smooth, uniform surface.
• The special formula of natural and synthetic polymers provides a durable and flexible surface.
• Water-based for easy cleaning and dilution.
• Non-flammable - non-toxic
• Can be applied by hand or machine
• It dries to the touch in minutes - fully sets in 48 hours.
• It is available in convenient 1 kg and economical 0.25 kg packages.
Article No.:
280 g/pcs
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