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Leather edge paint

Leather dyes can be used for various purposes. They come in two main categories:

1. Full coverage leather dyes: These dyes are used to completely color the natural surface of leather (not suitable for plastic-coated or patent leather). They offer endless possibilities for creating patterns and designs.

2. Edge dyeing: Edge dyes are specifically designed to color the edges of leather goods. They are commonly used for bags with cut edges where the edges are not folded or turned in. These dyes are thick and create a durable coating. It's important to note that they are not suitable for full-surface dyeing.

When using edge dyes to achieve an aesthetic and long-lasting finish on the edges of leather goods, the following steps are recommended:

1. Smooth the glued or stitched edges evenly using a machine or by hand with fine sandpaper.
2. Apply a layer of dye to the edges.
3. After drying, polish the surface with a machine or sand it lightly with fine sandpaper.
4. Apply a second layer of edge dye. In most cases, two coats are sufficient to achieve a solid coating. However, if you desire a thicker layer, you can apply a third coat.
5. It's important to prepare and clean the leather thoroughly before using the dye to ensure proper adhesion and durability. Always perform a test patch on a less visible area to check the color match and desired effect.

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