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In our Bag Accessories webshop's fabric category, you will find high-quality bag linings and our highly popular bag stiffeners!

Polyester Bag Linings are available by the meter and are perfect for lining bags and other accessories. They do not fray, are easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, and offer excellent support. You can purchase the linings in red, beige, and black.

We also offer three types of bag stiffeners for bag makers:

1. Poly Bag Stiffener – This is one of our best-sellers. Since it's self-adhesive, it's a breeze to apply! It provides excellent support to your bag, whether it's made of fabric or thinner leather. It is available in black and white. Sold by the meter, with a width of 150 cm.

2. Self-Adhesive Foam – Our 1 or 2 mm thick self-adhesive foam is also easy to apply to your base material. It's flexible, doesn't break, and can be easily turned for a finished bag. Its use results in a soft, comfortable texture.

3. Salpa – This material, made from leather fibers, is primarily used for reinforcing leather or faux leather bags. It offers a rigid support, making the 1 mm thick version perfect for the bag's bottom. You can find Salpa in four thicknesses in the Csatbolt webshop: 0.4 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm, and 1 mm. It must be fully glued, as it is not self-adhesive.

Explore our range of bag linings and stiffeners, and make your bag-making projects a breeze!