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With magnetic clasps used for bags, opening and closing the bag can be easily and conveniently accomplished. A magnetic clasp is a structure where a magnet and a metal plate come together, causing the two elements to attract each other and keep the bag closed. When the magnet and the metal plate are separated, the bag opens.

Magnetic clasps can be placed on various parts of the bag, such as the flap or the interior of the bag. The proper placement depends on the bag's design, style, and the type and size of the bag being made.

Magnetic clasps used in bags come in different sizes and strengths, so choosing the appropriate type depends on the thickness of the material you are working with and the desired strength of the closure. In our store, you can find a wide range of magnetic clasps in different sizes and types suitable for bag making.

At Csatbolt online store, we offer the following types of magnetic clasps based on their attachment method:

1. Foldable-legged magnetic clasps.
2. Sew-in magnetic clasps.
3. Sew-on magnetic clasps.
4. Rivetable magnetic clasps.

A Csatbolt webáruházban kapható mágneszár típusok a rögzítés módja szerint:

  1. Széthajtható lábbal rögzíthető mágneszárak.
  2. Bevarrható mágneszárak.
  3. Felvarrható mágneszárak.
  4. Szegecselhető mágneszárak.