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Double sided adhesive tapes

**Double-Sided Adhesive for Easy Bag Sewing: How to Use?**

If you love sewing, you probably know that bag sewing can often be challenging. However, using double-sided adhesive can greatly simplify the task. Read this article to learn how to apply this lifesaving tool during bag sewing.

**What is Double-Sided Adhesive?**
Double-sided adhesive is a type of glue that has adhesive surfaces on both sides. This means you can attach two materials together without the need for other fastening tools like clips or pins. Double-sided adhesive is particularly useful during bag sewing as it helps secure fabrics and prepares them for stitching.

**How to Use Double-Sided Adhesive in Bag Sewing:**
1. **Prepare Materials:** Get your sewing materials ready and position them as you want the final stitching to look.

2. **Apply Adhesive:** Cut the double-sided adhesive to the appropriate size and place it on one of the fabrics. Ensure that both sides of the adhesive make contact with the material.

3. **Place the Adhesive Side:** Press the other fabric onto the double-sided adhesive. Make sure the fabrics fit tightly together, and the adhesive adheres well.

4. **Apply Pressure and Allow to Dry:** Press down on the materials to ensure good adhesion, then let it dry. Depending on the type of adhesive, it will solidify and set over time.

5. **Sewing:** Once the adhesive is completely dry and set, you can proceed with the sewing. The double-sided adhesive helps prevent the materials from shifting, making precise stitching easier.

Using double-sided adhesive not only simplifies bag sewing but also opens up opportunities for creative design and accurate execution. Give it a try and experience how it makes this sewing task more straightforward!

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