Quality is in the details.

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A well- or poorly chosen metal buckle determines the style of the entire bag. Quality lies in the details - that is why it is very important to pay enough attention to the selection of high-quality, decorative metal bag accessories when designing a bag. 


In our shop, we have divided metal buckles into three categories: simple and centre tong buckles, and belt buckles.

Simple buckle: the buckle tongue is located on the edge of the buckle, so please note that for this type of buckle we will have to make a separate hider. This type is mostly used as a belt buckle and for making watch straps, but it is also very popular as a bag shoulder strap and lid closure. 

Centre tong buckle: the buckle tongue is located inside the buckle, roughly in the middle. In this case, the buckle has its own hide, it is not necessary to sew it separately. This type is mostly used to make adjustable length bag shoulder straps, but narrow and long versions are also very popular as women's belt buckles.

Övcsat: buckles specifically recommended for belts have been classified into this category. Here you can find the 30mm, 35mm, 40mm wide single buckles and the narrow centre tong buckle. 

In addition to the buckles, we also sell metal accessories, such as a belt loop clip , which is essential for the simple and quick creation of a belt loop, or a belt screw that can be used for the elegant assembly of belts.