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Various metal rings are the basic accessories for leather products. These metal accessories are most often used to strengthen the handles and shoulder straps of bags and backpacks. With their help, the bag handles move more easily. By inserting a metal ring, the strap better follow the line of the body, so it will be more comfortable to use the bag. 

Despite their name, the metal rings used by bag makers are not necessarily circular.

In addition to the classic circular metal rings, D-rings - also known as half-rings - and angular handle holders are included in this category.
Metal rings can be used not only for bags. We can use them to decorate belts, leather jewelry, and purses. And of course, don't forget the most common metal ring from the list, the key ring !

The metal rings available in the Csatbolt will be quality accessories for unique bags. Our line-up includes these metal bag accessories in several colours and sizes.