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The stud or holster button is one of the easiest ways to close a bag.
It is not by chance that it is so popular, since its installation does not require either special knowledge nor special tools. There is no need to punch, sew or rivet.
All you need is a hole punch, a knife and a screwdriver to make the bracelet, bag, wallet lockable, and the shoulder strap and belt adjustable in length.
Thanks to its simple sphere shape and small size, it can be an accessory for any style.


We can easily make adjustable-length belts, bag straps, tongs, and backpack straps with it.
A decorative solution for jewelry making, for example, instead of a bracelet clasp bracelet clasp.
You can also use it to replace the bag buckle if you are making a bag with a modern, minimalist character. In this case, it is recommended to use 2 studs on the straps, for greater safety.

The stud consists of two parts, a spherical head and a screw-in base. Its installation is very simple: a hole with a diameter of 3 mm must be punched for the base and the pistol button can already be screwed on.
A hole with a diameter of 4-5 mm and an incision of about 5 mm long starting from it must be made on the receiving surface - lid, shoulder strap, belt, etc.
It is available in our shop in two sizes, with a 5 mm and a 7 mm head.
We recommend the smaller size for small items, wallets, belt bags, and bracelets. The larger size can be used as accessories for bags, backpacks, and belts.