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The bag handle or bag strap, is one of the most defining parts of bags.
In the case of briefcases, this is a short tongs, about 18-20 cm long, just big enough to be comfortably gripped. The short hand tongs are usually connected to the lid of the bag with a metal handle holder, or an angular handle holder ring, and a metal stiffener is added under the lining to make it durable.

The handbags have a 30-45 cm long handle, so they can be comfortably placed on the forearm, but they are too short to carry the bag over the shoulder. That's why these bags often come with a removable or replaceable long strap so that they can be comfortably carried over the shoulder or across the chest. The easiest way to attach the replaceable strap to the bag is with a carabiner .

The handles of shoulder bags are usually 50-70 cm long. The way they can be attached can be very diverse and largely determines the style of the bag. The shoulder strap can be simply sewn in or riveted on, but it can also be attached to the bag with decorative buckles or special handle holders.

The most comfortable holding solution is an adjustable bag strap that can be worn across the chest. It can be made of leather in two pieces with a buckle or a stud to adjust with its lenght. Long leather strap usually consist of a 90-100 cm long piece and a shorter 35-45 cm long piece. 

In many cases, the long bag strap is made of webbing, which is a significantly cheaper and simpler solution, but also aesthetically pleasing. The length can be adjusted with a slider and 2 carabiners are also required. It is usually sewn from a 130-150 cm long webbing.