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4 cm wide cotton bag straps

A durable, 4 cm wide changeable bag straps from Csatbolt are crafted from 100% cotton. Why choose Csatbolt's cotton bag straps for your bag?

- The straps are sewn from a 3 mm thick, strong cotton material, ensuring durability.
- They are available in beautiful colors, offering suitable cotton bag straps for all your bags.
- The 4 cm wide strap provides both comfort and longevity.
- The length of the bag straps is adjustable, ensuring comfort for every body shape.
- Domestic production: We sew the bag straps ourselves!

If you prefer colorful bag straps, opt for the 5 cm wide woven shoulder straps.

If you are looking for a shiny satin shoulder strap for your bag, check out the straps made from satin webbing.