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D-rings, or half-rings, are mostly used to connect the bag handles to the main part.
In most cases, the bag handle is connected to the half ring with a carabiner or a spring hook.
Special, spectacular lid closures can also be easily implemented with D rings.
Metal half rings can also be used to decorate unique belts. 
Leather zipper pulls can be made with our smallest size D rings.

Two types of D-rings are available in the Csatbolt.
In addition to the thick, spectacular, heavy-duty half-ring bent from iron, we also have the finely-lined, modern D-ring cast from zamak.
Zamak, also known as spiater, is a metal alloy consisting of zinc, aluminum and a small amount of copper.
Our Zamak rings, half-rings and square handle holders are endless, thanks to the manufacturing process, there is no visible joint point on them.

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