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Release buckles

Webbings can be used in many different ways in the leather crafting industry. They can be used to make bag holders, backpack straps, belt bag straps or waist belts.
If we want to sew a detachable and adjustable length strap, we will need a quick release buckle. The biggest advantage of the quick release buckle is that it can be opened with one hand, in one movement, by compressing the spring tongues on both sides.

In our online store, you can find quick release buckles made of metal and plastic, in different widths.



Plastic strap buckle

The advantage of the plastic strap buckle is its light weight and extremely friendly price. Our plastic buckles are made of very high-quality, pleasant-to-the-touch material, and we sell them in black. The plastic accessories are perfect backpack buckles, belt bag buckles.

Metal strap buckle

Our professional-looking metal strap buckles are extremely durable and made of high-quality cast iron and copper. 

A special webbing belt can be made with them. All you need is a quality cotton webbing and strap end.