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The most common type of thread is sewing thread, which is specifically used for joining. There is also thread for temporary fastening during sewing, buttonhole and button sewing thread - these are stronger than simple sewing thread - elastic thread for rubberizing, invisible, line-like thread, and decorative thread, which often contains a shiny thread.
For sewing leather and synthetic leather, we use polyester thread.
The most important beneficial properties of polyester thread:

  • strong, high tensile strength
  • flexible
  • color holder
  • wear resistant
  • also suitable for industrial speed sewing machines

Leather sewing threads are available in size 8, 10, 20, 40.

The lower the thickness number, the thicker the thread.

Heavy goods are sewn with thread 8 and 10, using a special sewing machine.

Even average leather sewing machines sew perfectly with a 20 thread, especially if a thread with a thickness of 40 is wound on the lower thread.

We can also sew with a household machine with thread 40.

Cérnák ipari és háztartási felshasználásra.

Webáruházunkban kaphatók ipari cérna, bőrvarró cérna, 10-es, 20-as, 30-as és 40-es vastagságban.