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Metal zippers

Metal zippers are available by the meter in several colours and qualities. 

Continuous, meter-long zippers in two sizes. Bag zipper, two-slider zipper, two-way zipper.

We offer undisamblable, closed metal zippers in two sizes:

  1. Size 3 - metal zipper with smaller teeth, black tape, silver or gold coloured teeth. We recommend this zipper for smaller bags and wallets.
  2. Size 5 - wider metal zipper with larger teeth and multi-coloured tape. We recommend it for bags and backpacks. 

You can find our metal zippers in two qualities:

    • The metal zipper in the cheaper price category, called STANDARD quality, is one-sided or one-way (the zipper slider can only be pulled up from one end of the zipper), its surface is not polished, it is a little rough at first, but the surface becomes smooth after pulling the slider several times.
    • The more expensive, NORMAL quality metal zippers have a polished surface, which is why they are shinier and have a silky feel. These zippers are two-way, i.e. the zipper slider can be pulled up from both ends, they also run opposite each other, so a double zipper slider closure is also possible with them.
    • Our PREMIUM quality metal zippers are manufactured by the YKK company. It is a real luxury product with very dense, perfectly polished teeth. A two-way zipper, that is, the zipper slider runs perfectly when pulled up from both directions.

Open, free-running zipper sliders for zippers are sold as a separate product. Ends and beginners are also available for zippers.
The zippers are sold by the meter, the minimum order quantity is 0.5 m. Above half a meter, the desired length can be selected every 10 centimeters, thus avoiding the purchase of excess.