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Thread For Leather Sewing, Beige, 40

Dark brown Colour Synthetic Thread For Leather Sewing.
Very strong thread, especially for sewing leather, artificial leather and thick canvas.
If you want to sew a bag, you need to choose a good quality, strong thread that is durable enough to withstand use and weight.
When choosing the thickness, the thickness of the material used for sewing is an important aspect. In general, you should choose a thinner thread for thin materials and a thicker one for thick materials. However, don't choose a thread so thin that it won't hold up to sewing, or too thick that it won't fit through the needle.
We recommend 40-size polyester thread for sewing bags.

Polyester sewing thread with a thickness of 40 is a very good choice for sewing bags, because it has many advantages that make sewing more efficient and the result more durable.
These include:
• Strong and durable: Polyester sewing thread is strong and durable, which means that the stitching is less likely to tear. This is especially important when sewing a material that is subject to greater stress, such as a bag or furniture cover.
• Color retention: Polyester sewing thread is color retention, so the color of the stitching does not fade or change over time. This is especially important for colored materials.
• Easy to handle: Polyester sewing thread is easy to handle because it does not deform or tend to clump. This allows us to create a smooth and even seam when sewing.
• It can be melted, so it does not fray: The great advantage of polyester thread is that at the end of the seam, after you have cut the thread very short, you can use a lighter to burn the end of the thread, so that the seam does not unravel.
Always choose a thread with a thickness that matches the thickness of the material, and don't forget that a strong, high-quality thread is key to making your bag durable and beautiful!

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