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Stud, Gold, 10 mm

Stud. It's 11,8 mm tall, The diameter of the base is 12 mm, The diameter of the head is 10 mm. Gold Coloured.
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The stud consists of two parts, a spherical head and a screw-in base.
We can easily use it to make bag handles, backpack shoulder straps, and belts of adjustable length. A decorative solution for jewelry making, for example, instead of a bracelet clasp.
For greater security, we can install 2 studs on the bag handle.
Its installation is very simple: a 3 mm diameter hole must be punched for the base and the stud can already be screwed on.
A hole with a diameter of 4-5 mm and an incision of about 5 mm long starting from it must be made on the receiving surface - lid, shoulder strap, belt, etc.
It is available in our shop in two sizes, with a 5 mm and a 7 mm head.
We recommend the smaller size for small items, wallets, belt bags, and bracelets. The larger size can be used as accessories for bags, backpacks, and belts.
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