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Slider with Flat Puller, Gold, for 5 mm Plastic Zipper - RT10

Slider with Flat Puller, Gold, for 5 mm Plastic Zipper - RT10

Strive for perfection as a bag maker? Then high-quality zipper pulls are essential for your work. With these gold coloured zipper pulls featuring a shiny, flat design, you can add an elegant and modern touch to your bags.

Product Features:

  • Shiny, flat design: A modern and minimalist look that enhances any bag.
  • Professional quality: Made from durable materials, so the zipper pulls retain their brilliant shine and function reliably for years to come.
  • Gold color: A versatile color that perfectly complements various materials and colors.
  • For 5mm wide RT10 plastic zippers: Compatible with the most common type of plastic zipper.
  • Easy to use: The zipper pulls are easy to attach to the zippers.

Why choose our zipper pulls?

  • Elevate your bags: Premium quality zipper pulls give your bags a professional look.
  • Durability: Thanks to the robust materials, the zipper pulls will function flawlessly for many years.
  • Stylish addition: The shiny, flat design lends a modern and minimalist look to your bags.
  • Convenient use: The zipper pulls are easy to attach to the zippers, saving you time and effort.

Complete your bag making with the perfect zipper pulls!

Choose our gold zipper pulls featuring a shiny, flat design, and create unique and professional-looking bags that you can proudly wear or give as gifts!

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Color: Gold

Size: RT10

Mechanism: Free-running

Material: Metal

Additional Information:

  • This zipper pull comes with an attached zipper pull, so you don't need to install one yourself.
  • The zipper pull is designed for plastic zippers and cannot be used on metal zippers.
  • This zipper pull is not intended for clothing!

Useful Links:

Purchase plastic zippers at Csatbolt webshop: https://www.csatbolt.hu/femcipzar

Learn all about zippers: https://www.csatbolt.hu/ujdonsagok

Remember: You can find more zipper pulls, zippers, and bag accessories in our webshop. Browse our selection and get everything you need to create the perfect bags!


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