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Tuck locks

The tuck lock is one of the most popular types of bag clasps, a true classic. This type is primarily used on briefcases, for example.

The tuck lock consists of two parts: an insertable tongue and a fixed receiver part.

Tuck bag clasps are manufactured from two different materials:

1. They are bent from sheet metal (iron) - these are the cheapest bag locks available.
2. They are cast from zamak/white metal - these have a nicer appearance, with a shiny and durable surface treatment. They are also noticeably thicker, which makes them more expensive.

Installing the tuck bag lock is very simple; it can be screwed or pressed onto the lid even afterwards, especially if the tuck lock is made of sheet metal (iron).

The tongue part should be screwed onto the lid, while the receiver part should be attached to the front part of the bag using foldable legs.

Because tuck locks can be retrofitted, we highly recommend this type for crochet bags. This type of clasp can be most easily attached to the crocheted bag lid.