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Ribbon ends

**Ribbon Ends:** Ribbon ends are metal accessories used for the aesthetic closure of unfinished ends of straps and ribbons.

Available in our selection in widths of 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, and 40 mm in nickel, antique, and black colors.

You can use the metal ribbon ends in the following ways:

1. **Closure of ends of straps made from webbing:** Ribbon ends assist in closing the end of the strap in an aesthetic and secure manner.

2. **For bracelet and necklace making:** Ideal for creative projects, such as making bracelets or necklaces.

3. **Simple closure of unfinished ends of bag straps:** When applied at the end of bag straps, they provide a beautiful and neat design.

You can easily apply the ribbon end, for example, to the end of a bag strap. Use pliers to press onto the strap, allowing the hooks of the ribbon end to grip the material. Ensure that the ribbon end does not get damaged, and use a piece of cardboard or another hard material between the pliers and the ribbon end to distribute the pressure and protect the metal from scratches.

Try using ribbon ends yourself! We wish you good work!