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Cord Ends, Tassel Ends, Zipper Ends

Cord End Caps

Cord end caps are used to secure the ends of cylindrical cords. Depending on the size of the cord, you can fasten it with 1 or 2 screws into the metal cord end cap. This prevents the need to tie a large knot at the end of the cord, and the closure with the metal cord end cap provides a much more elegant and sophisticated finish.

You can also find spring cord ends here, which are used for adjusting the length of the cord and are also known as "pig snouts."

Tassel Ends or Bells

Tassel ends, or bells, differ from cord end caps as they have a ring soldered on top, making them suitable for hanging on bags or zipper pulls. Tassel ends serve as decorative elements for bags, as they can be used to create tassels made of leather, faux leather, or even thread.

Zipper Ends

We use metal zipper ends for the elegant closure of zippers. These are available in widths of 8 mm, 10 mm, and 20 mm.

The zipper can be securely fastened to the metal zipper end with 1 or 2 screws.


Cord Ends: Cord ends are used to secure the ends of cords, providing a neat and finished look. They are commonly used for cylindrical cords, and depending on the size, they can be attached to the cord using 1 or 2 screws. Cord ends eliminate the need for bulky knots and offer a more elegant and refined closure.

Tassel Ends: Tassel ends, also known as bells, feature a ring soldered on top, making them perfect for attaching tassels to bags or zipper pulls. They add a decorative touch to bags and can be used to create tassels using various materials such as leather, faux leather, or thread.

Zipper Ends: Zipper ends are used for the stylish and secure closure of zippers. They come in different widths, such as 8 mm, 10 mm, and 20 mm, and are designed to neatly cap off the ends of zippers. By attaching the zipper to the metal zipper end using screws, you can ensure a secure and reliable closure.

These accessories, including cord ends, tassel ends, and zipper ends, are essential components for enhancing the appearance and functionality of bags, providing professional-looking finishes and added durability.